Tiny Tiny RSS: Community

Read before posting / reporting bugs


General forum rules

  1. Please post in English only.
  2. Don’t post ads for paid services.

As a general tl;dr rule low-effort posting will get you probated. People are trying to help you, don’t waste their time on stupid bullshit. Be considerate and proactive at providing needed information.

The following only applies to Support category:

  1. Only dedicated hosting accounts (i.e. a VDS) running tt-rss (git) cloned from the official repository are supported. Anything else goes to Unsupported. If you are not sure, post to Unsupported.
  2. In case of problems, always try running tt-rss with a clean browser profile, without extensions. Some extensions (for example LastPass) are known to cause problems within tt-rss.

When reporting bugs at least include the following:

  1. Platform and tt-rss versions (i.e. tt-rss git (3261dbf), ubuntu 14.04, mysql, php 5.5) of your server / VDS.
  2. Any logs, if you have them and you feel there’s relevant stuff, including:
    • contents of tt-rss event log (Preferences → System tab)
    • if needed, feed debugger logs (see below)

If you have a problem with specific feed:

  1. Try running it through https://fakecake.org/myfeedsucks first
  2. Gather the information from feed debugger like this:
  • through the UI: open feed in question, press f D.
  • using command line: ./update.php --debug-feed X --force-refetch --force-rehash | tee debug_output.txt

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