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Search results -> ReferenceError: force_nocache is not defined


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Javascript error on results of search

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Updated to latest using git because of Strict mode javascript in tt-rss

Actions -> Search -> type any keyword -> click on search


ReferenceError: force_nocache is not defined
at viewfeed (https://diludovico.it/rss/index.php:313:48)
at viewCurrentFeed (https://diludovico.it/rss/index.php:63:107)
at Object.execute (https://diludovico.it/rss/index.php:68:232)
at Object.eval [as onClick] (eval at construct (https://diludovico.it/rss/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1485038045:8:8026), :2:25)
at Object._onClick (https://diludovico.it/rss/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1485038045:8:210001)
at HTMLInputElement. (https://diludovico.it/rss/lib/dojo/dojo.js?1485038045:8:32910)
at Object.__onClick (https://diludovico.it/rss/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1485038045:8:209876)
at HTMLSpanElement. (https://diludovico.it/rss/lib/dojo/dojo.js?1485038045:8:32910)

tt-rss version (including git commit id):


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shared hosting, PHP 7.1.15, 10.0.34-MariaDB

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keep 'em coming guys :slight_smile:

https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/ab688e963dd921290fb1c796d8b2aaf1bd88e43d (fix)


Git updated and it’s working now. Thanks.