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Access TTRSS from another Computer locally


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I have installed TTRSS successfully on Raspberry Pi. I can access the site using the ttrss.lan URL locally on the Raspberry Pi. But when i try to access from my windows machine using the IP address or ttrss.lan i get 404 not found error from nginx. I tried different URLS using ip address too for eg:, etc
Both windows and raspberry pi are on the same network. can you please help what configuration i am missing to access the TTRSS from another machine which is local to the server. Thanks.

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Tiny Tiny RSS v17.12 (f530224)

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Raspbian, PHP, PostgreSQL

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your problem seems to be unrelated to tt-rss per se, please consider a more appropriate forum for your networking and/or nginx configuration related questions


Like @fox said this should be totally unrelated to TT-RSS.

But we might give you a solution nevertheless if you post your nginx configuration.
Just a guess, this might be related to your default_server configuration (nginx documentation) ?

Just a friendly reminder, if you don’t know how to configure nginx properly, never expose your TT-RSS instance outside of your home network.


Stop whatever you are doing and learn. It’s not that hard.


Thanks everyone. I finally found the problem. Like you guys said its nginx configuration. After changing the default_server it worked. I am not exposing the TTRSS outside of my network. Its just internal to my home network.