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Updating to schema version 135


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Describe the problem you’re having:

While updating to schema version 135 I recieved a problem:
Performing update up to version 135…
Fatal error : Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1478 Table storage engine ‘InnoDB’ does not support the create option ‘TRANSACTIONAL=1’’ in /var/www/1st/tt-rss/classes/dbupdater.php:45 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/1st/tt-rss/classes/dbupdater.php(45): PDO->query(‘alter table ttr…’) #1 /var/www/1st/tt-rss/classes/handler/public.php(1103): DbUpdater->performUpdateTo(135, true) #2 /var/www/1st/tt-rss/public.php(50): Handler_Public->dbupdate() #3 {main} thrown in /var/www/1st/tt-rss/classes/dbupdater.php on line 45

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:
Just update to actual version and go to web-interface

tt-rss version (including git commit id):
commit d3885c58831caa3e7cf75e12c2f46eb49c4054f8
Author: Andrew Dolgov [email protected]
Date: Thu Dec 13 10:20:05 2018 +0300

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Debian 8, PHP 5.6.39-1~dotdeb+zts+7.1, mysqld Ver 10.3.11-MariaDB-1:10.3.11+maria~jessie-log for debian-linux-gnu on i686, nginx/1.13.4

Please provide any additional information below:
I upgraded from MariaDB from 10.3.8 to 10.3.11

  1. nowhere does tt-rss use CREATE TABLE TRANSACTIONAL
  2. schema version 135 doesn’t create any tables



I didn’t find much on this error but I’m thinking it’s either a bug in MariaDB or a misconfigured database server.

If you’re comfortable with command line stuff you could copy the 135 schema file, add the row_format and transactional options found in this article, then manually import it.

Backup your database first, obviously. And don’t try this if you don’t actually have experience doing this stuff.

And in case it’s not clear: I don’t know if this will work, it’s a shot in the dark.


Problem solved: I created a new instance of table ttrss_filters2 and rerun script 135.sql.
Seems table ttrss_filters2 was with errors