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Gzdecode(); Error updating feeds


Ubuntu php7 nginx ispconfig3, mariadb

E_WARNING (2) classes/rssutils.php:262 gzdecode(): data error

This happens to every feed. Even test lorum ipsum feeds I’ve tried. I have the pre-reqs installed.

One thing I read somewhere is that https can cause issue? The web directory I built under doesn’t allow non https for other reasons so I’m not sure what to do about that.

Seems like a cool app though.


other than showing up in event log this warning is harmless, it shows up because you’re not using curl and tt-rss has to try decompressing what could be a gzip-encoded feed data. if the data isn’t actually compressed it makes gzdecode() output a warning.

tldr what you should be doing is installing php-curl on your server.

e: might as well fix this



I installed php-curl and restarted services but no luck. Feeds don’t seem to retrieve still.


this warning (as opposed to an error) can’t prevent feeds from updating

if you actually need help, you’ll need to gather logs and provide more information. otherwise, maybe just use feedly or something.


Which logs would you like?


i think instead of spoonfeeding you i’m going to give you a week off to lurk here a bit and try to step up your posting

otherwise there’s always other forums you can lower the SNR on.

e: here’s some reading material Read before posting / reporting bugs