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Won't sync after first install


Hello, I self hosted the last version off ttrss the login work fine
I import my opml file and I can see my section and rss address , but nothing sync
no error message nothing :-/
everything look good but no no feed

Newbie help - no articles on tt-rss on cpanel
  1. Read before posting / reporting bugs
  2. https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/wiki/UpdatingFeeds


yes I tried and read before I juste don’t have acces to the php command line he is hosted in my website serveur
I made the feed test and he look ok
Parsed successfully.


ok I’m in the wrong category I must be in unsupported :frowning_face:
and a lot of manipulation I don’t understand
please erase ma topic
thank you guys


so you are in a hosted environment

yes, but you are in no category so it’s kind of fine :wink:

which test?
Did you enable some kind of way for updating the feeds? It can’t work without using some way described in the 2nd link I posted.


I try to made this test https://fakecake.org/myfeedsucks/
I read it twice but I don’t understand how to do it oh to enable the feed refresh :frowning: without the command line :-/


This is only for testing, if the feeds are valid and can be read by tt-rss. But even if your feeds would not be valid, tt-rss would tell you.

tt-rss can’t do this with some kind of magic, you have to enable at least one…
For starting use this way .

Just a friendly remark, if you are not able to use either crontab or a systemd script, tt-rss is not very pleasing to use. So investigate if your hoster does offer some kind of scripting or get a better provider/use someone elses hosted version like here .


Ok I get it ! :slight_smile: thanks for your patience !
and I find a simple way “Simple background updates !” for know it’s good enough for me :wink:
thanks again