Tiny Reader RSS iOS v2.0


This Feature https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/wiki/Scoring
I use it to mark feed with keywords, but i cant see the score in the app


I’ve noticed in Dark Mode the top bar with the clock, battery and connection info shows no information. Normally the text is black so it probably depends if there is a way to change that font’s color when you switch to dark.


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BTW, is this already implemented? I tried in my beta and it doesn’t work.


Not yet, this will be implemented in the next build.


Well observed. This will be fixed in the next build.


I just noticed that in the login view, iCloud Keychain works without writing any particular code. Great :smiley:

So you can fill your credential with your login/password saved in iCloud Keychain.


Ok. I’m not sure to implement this, at least for now.


My feature wish list:

  • Could the article author also be shown? Right now, only title, date and feed name are present. For feeds like this forum feed, this would be really handy.
  • How about custom styling? I don’t know if Apple allows a custom CSS text field, or maybe the app could load a CSS file from the server? Reason: E.g. Ars Technica articles, when scraped from their websites, contain <aside/> tags which should be display: float, but are display: block in the app. The ttrss web app allows to style this right, and I use this for other feeds (with even weirder display options) as well.
  • Multiple ttrss users; or can one install multiple instances of the app?


Just want to say thanks. I am using TTRSS and you App a while now.
I will be happy to test the new version


Send me your Apple ID in private message


Ok, I’ll add this to the article view

I think this is doable, because the article view is a web view. I add this to the roadmap.

Nope, only one instance on iOS. This is already on the roadmap.


yep, thats what I meant. Great.
mine show Version 2.0.0 ( and no update available but still don’t see the folder icons.


When I share a link the app icon is shared below as well. I’m not sure if this is by design but If it is, can this be made optional?

Also, Pocket is all black when I share a link and then click add tags. I disabled pocket’s dark mode but the issue persists.


This is what I meant on showing thumbnails, sorry if its not possible with your framework.
But it helps me clear thru the articles faster.

Also is it possible to have an option to have the buttons on the bottom rather than top, its easier for one-hand operation. (like the one in the same picture)


I’m still working on build You’ll be notified when the next beta will ba available.


It’s by design, but I think I’ll remove this and replace with something like “sent from tiny Reader iOS”

What is pocket ?


As I said, Im’ not sure that tt-rss will send link to related images.

On iPhone you can double-tap on the home button to access the top of the screen with one hand.

Tiny Reader RSS Doesn't Work on iOS 11.3

It’s a link saving/organizing app. You share a link to it and the below pops up. After clicking the tags icon on the right, the previous blacked out screen appears.


I really love the speed of the new version!

I can’t swipe to get to the next article. In my case (small hands) it is difficult to reach the next article with one hand. It would be nice to configure the interaction elements in the settings :slight_smile:

In the settings some of the lines do not break. In my version (german) the switches are not in line anymore.

thx for this great app!