Tiny Reader RSS iOS v2.0


Ok. I don’t know why tiny Reader interfere with pocket. I only use standard iOS appearance methods.


Build is available

  • Added long swipe in headline view to mark article read/unread
  • Added icons in subscription view
  • Added build number in about view
  • Added author in article view
  • Left swipe icons are now based on the article status
  • Improved background fetch
  • Fixed previous/next button not disable when opening article view on first or last article
  • Fixed status bar colour in dark mode
  • Fixed label/switch alignement in settings


Many thanks! Working great so far…

One suggestion for us left-handers: Is it possible add an option to switch “Source” and “Close” in Article view?

Or even better, add some sort of swipe movement to close an article (e.g. swipe left)?


I‘m using your official version from the app store very intensive, so I‘m also interested in testing your 2.0 beta branch, but I‘m unable to send you a private message, yet.

Kind Regards


Feature Request:

  • Compatiblity with iPad Smart Keyboard
  • Bluetooth keyboard compatiblity


Love the pull to mark; Gonna be using much more than previously!


Build is available

  • You can now open itms links from article view
  • Added a swipe down gesture in the toolbar of the article view to close the view

Unless last minute bug, I will send this build to the App Store in a few days.

Thanks to all the testers for their contribution to improving this app and making it stable. :slight_smile: :clap:


In my opinion it is almost perfect! thx for your awesome work!

But I am missing the swipe gesture to get to the next article. Could you please implement this again?


You’re right, the gesture are missing, don’t know why, but they will be available in the final release


I’ve submitted the app yesterday and the app has been rejected :frowning:

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.2.6 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network.
Specifically, we encountered multiple errors within your app such as:
URL is not valid:

I think that the problem is not the app, but my test server. My TTRSS instance is on my Synology, behind a IPv4 routeur (freebox, IPv6 disabled) with a DDNS access provided by synology.me.

Has any of you tested the application in a full IPv6 environment?


Well, I think that there are two problems :

  • The reviewer had probably not enter an URL the first time, and that explain the first message (URL is not valid:), because no URL is displayed in this message.
  • The second message is just because I’ve forgotten to activate the API on the test server I provided :roll_eyes:

Nevertheless, if one of you can confirme that in full IPv6 environment the app works well…


No way to get access to the beta?


The beta phase is finished, but if you want to test the beta on IPv6, send me your Apple ID by private message.


Still cannot send pms. IPv6 on client site is available, but not on server side. sorry.


you should be able to send PMs now, maybe it’ll help for the next beta


I can’t test it myself since I don’t have an iOS device at the moment. But the review should succeed even if the server is IPv4-only. They simply test it behind a DNS64/NAT64 network, which works as long as you use a DNS name and not a bare IPv4 URL (such as ).

If the reviewer simply forgot to set the URL (you mentioned it in the notes, right?), then I think you should show a pop-up on the first run of the app asking the user to enter the URL.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Synology provides IPv6 compatible DDNS, so my test server address is something like https://xxxxx.synology.me/tt-rss

Here is what Synology says :

For those who prefer to set up port-forwarding and do everything themselves, Synology provides free DDNS service with the support of both IPv4 and IPv6. Furthermore, with the integration of Let’s Encrypt, connecting to your Synology NAS by HTTPS protocol with a valid Certificate is better secure and even without paying any extra fee.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. When you launch the app, if no URL is saved, the login view asks for ttrss URL and user credential. But I think the reviewer just tap “close” with empty URL… And when he tried the second times, the API was not enabled…


Hi, I had a similar issue (IPv6 rejected) and the problem was not my server but one of the lib used in my app. In my case it was an outdated version of “Reachability”.


After some additional worries (sandbox server not always available), the application has finally been validated and should be available on the various stores within 24 hours :slight_smile:

All beta testers should download the final release from the App Store (when the App will be available).


Nice and thank you very much!