Tiny Reader RSS iOS v2.0


Hi !

I’ve finally finished tiny Reader for iOS v2.0 !

The app is ready to beta test, if you’re interested, mp your Apple ID so I can add you to Testflight.


  • Fully rewritten in swift 4: better performance and maintainability
  • Dark mode

  • Progress bar in article view


  • Ability to mark all read above or below a headline

  • Local notifications

  • tiny Reader will remain free, but if you like the app, you can leave me a tip (and 30% to Apple) with an in-app purchase


  • Remove obsolete settings
  • Show empty categories or empty feeds
  • Added log files (not sure to leave this in the final release)
  • Show longer excerpt (if available) for bigger screen like iPad Pro
  • On iPhone, when you mark all articles read, return to the feeds view


  • Requires iOS 10.3 or higher
  • Free :slight_smile:

Tiny Reader Mac

Great to hear and thx for your effort!
I am looking forward to test the app.

Really cool, that you implemented the user feedback!


I like to test it and what is mp your appleid means?


Cool! I have been using this work for a long time. Thank you for your work. How to join the testing?


Where to write appleid?


I would also like to test the app


I think he meant pm (private message) for your appleIDs :wink:


I just got the right to write one :slight_smile:


I thought so, but can’t seem to find any link to send an pm.


Tap the user’s name, then click the Message button to send a private message.


I already tried that, but I don’t see Message option



Try again. Does it work now?


yes, it worked.


Great. There’s a minimum user level for private messaging. I’ve updated your account and will also update @DSerg so he can get on board with the beta as well.


thank you and when and how to get it installed?


I just moderate here. You’ll have to wait for @Tiberius to get back to you about his app.


Ok, I’ve added @senthai, @Bala_Kott, @DSerg and @Tealk to the beta user list.

The app needs to be approved by Apple (yes, even betas needs to be approved !). Then you’ll receive a mail from Apple to download the beta with TestFlight app (you can already download TestFlight if you want : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/testflight/id899247664?mt=8)


Correct, I’ve used the french acronym, sorry (same letters, different order :wink:)


got the invite and installed it.

  • loaded fast and sync was superfast (not sure if it downloads images too for offline viewing)
  • clean interface, nice
  • performance is awesome

my initial feedback (since I was user of app like Newsify, Feedly in past)

  • an icon (like a folder or something) will look better in UI
  • when i click on the feed folder (that contains more than one feed) if it can show all the feeds combined, that will be great and it avoids extra clicks to read and back and forth. A long press the folder can drill down the feeds as an option
  • one super important (atleast i felt) is the show image on articles list on the left side as thumbnail, becaz i usually swipe thru fast by looking at the image rather than actually reading each article header.
  • once i am on an article I had to click close to go back, a gesture of swipe from left to right will be great
  • once i am on an article swipe left or right goes to next/previous article
  • scrolling with large list makes it mark read (you know we all have big screen phones now a days and it make two hand if I had to click close)

Again, without all this its still a great app for my favorite tiny rss.
thank you and keep up the good work.


Ability to mark all read above or below a headline

My favorit feature

Local notifications

I don’t get any notification how can this be?