Tiny Reader RSS iOS v2.0


I would also like to test please.


App seems to be working great so far. The speed increase is amazing actually. Two things I’ve noticed so far is the badge counter seems to be stuck at the value it was when I first installed the beta. I tried turning badge on and off in notification settings to no effect. Second thing is the option to switch the sides of the “source” and “close” buttons is missing in settings. If you left it out intentionally then obviously not a bug but I noticed it. But thanks for the update. It’s great. Nice work.


@JustAMacUser can I get bumped up as well so that I can sign up?


Sure, but I’m not going to keep doing this for every new forum user going forward.

All: Please be sure to actually provide feedback to @Tiberius as that’s what makes beta programs work.


You’re now on the beta list :wink:


The app downloads data only when needed. No database, no sync.

Do you mean an icon like the feed icon, but on the first view (categories) ?

You need to click on “All articles” if you want to show all feeds for the selected category. The app don’t do this automatically to avoid unnecessary downloads.

I would like to be able to do that. Unfortunately, I did not find a way to find the image from the data retrieved with tt-rss. Most of the time, there is no image attached to the article. (In addition, this will require downloading multiple images, but that might be an option).

You can’t have two gesture for different actions. So left/right swipe move to le next/previous article (like the actual version of the app)

Because every time you mark an article, the app call the API, this is not possible, there will be too many calls. So you can only mark an article, or articles below/above the current one, or all (because the API accept a list if article, so one call to the API for this mass update)

Thank you for your feedback


Not sure this is related to the beta or the testflight download. I’ve encountered the same problem, but got the correct badge the first time the app goes in background.
Can you check in the log file (tap (i), then the icon on top left, and select the first log file) if the getUnread call succeeded or returned an error ?

I removed this option

Thank you for your feedback


Check your iOS settings, perhaps the notification aren’t allowed for the app.

You can also check the app log file (icon (i), then top left icon and select a log file) if performFetchWithCompletionHandler is called, and if getUnread failed.


I checked the logs and the getUnread call succeeds. The counter didn’t seem to update after the app went into the background either. I suspect it is something to do with test flight because i uninstalled and reinstalled and the counter didn’t change.


Kill the app, launch it again and check the log : Do you see the error “Notification requestAuthorization : error” ?

Go in background, then foreground again, check the log : do you see an error message like “Notification error : xxx” ?

Did the getUnread returned the right value ?


I don’t see either of those notification errors in the logs and the getUnread message only says that it completed successfully. I do see an error that getUnread failed because a server with the specified host name could not be found. Only one of those though. There is also an error when I reinstalled the app I mistyped the path to my server.

Also it getUnread doesn’t seem to indicate how many unread articles it found. I’ve used the send log feature to send you my log file.


I’ve sent a new beta (build :

  • Fixed a crashed on iOS 10.x when closing article view (thanks to @DSerg)
  • Fixed notification problem (thanks to @sam302psu)
  • Added pull to refresh action in categories view

Beta testers will be notified by TestFlight


PM sent for invite to beta.

Thanks &


Love the app! Seems much snappier than the previous version!

Suggestion/feature request: long pull right to left marks as read, like deleting messages in Apple mail. Easy to quickly roll through long feeds marking as read without two gestures, just swipe, swipe, swipe. Don’t know how hard it is to implement that, though. Is it prohibitive?


Something like this ?


Any score display would be great


What do you mean by score display ?


the score inidcator, i cant see the score in the app?


I’m sorry, I don’t understand which score you are referring to.


Done :slight_smile: