How to read posts regardless of feeds (via browser)


Hi all,

sorry for the stupid question, but I have been playing with preferences and could not figure it out.

I have feeds grouped in categories.
If I select one category on the left pane, and choose for example “Newest first” on top of the right pane, the posts showed are those of the first feed in the category, sorted with the newest on top.

I would like to see the newest of all the posts regardless of the feed’s position in the category.

Is there any setting for that in preferences?

Thank you in advance.


P.S.: I am using Chrome 59 on Windows. TT-RSS is the latest version updated via git, on PHP 5.6 and MySQL


So you wish feed items from different feeds to interlace. “Newest first” as opposed to “Default” should work. Maybe among your feeds only has fresh items.


I changed from “newest first” to “default” and nothing changes: the newest article of the first feed in the chosen category is displayed.

The first displayed article is dated June 12.
The first article in the second feed of the same category is dated June 16

It appears I can not have the articled mixed (or interlaced as you wrote) within the chosen category.


Weird. Maybe my advice is poor — I’m new to tt-rss.



if you’re talking about swapping between


You want the key combination f g. See

for more.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

I might have typed f g by mistake and did not notice it changed the setting.

Again, thanks for the solution.



btw, default is basically “scores + newest first”. if you don’t use scoring there’s no functional difference, i think.


Thanks for explaining this, fox. I could never find a description.


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