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Feed with no new contents had its old posts marked as unread


Sorry to bump this old thread, but there is something I do not understand.

For some unknown reasons, a feed with no new contents had its old posts marked as unread.
The newest is dated Jan 19 2016.

If I select the category which contains it, and sort by “oldest first”, how is it possible that this posts are not shown as first, but mixed between feeds with post as older as August 09?

I do not think I am using scoring, but I might be wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Some stats:
Version 17.4-135-gab8daa0
Shared hosting, PHP 5.6.31, MySQL 10.0.31-MariaDB-cll-lve!

edit: see attachment:

How to read posts regardless of feeds (via browser)

I moved this to a separate thread since it’s a different issue than your previous thread.

This can happen if the purge interval for a thread is shorter than the update interval. If you set purge to 1 day and update to 1 day or more then you’ve created a situation where the housekeeping task will remove articles and the update task will find them in the feed again and pull them back in thinking they’re new.

For most feeds it’s not an issue because sites update regularly so this issue is really exemplified on feeds that update infrequently.

Can you check your global purge interval and feed purge interval for the feed in question, as well as the global and feed update intervals?

I think some of the sorting methods rely on the date_updated field, which is when the entry was found in the feed (not when the feed article was published). I’m not able to check the code at the moment.


Sorry, I thought it was connected…

For the feeds in question, update is daily, purging is default
Global preferences: update 30 minutes, purging is 1 day

Maybe in this case 1 day’s updating was just after 1 day’s purging…

So I guess if I change global preference to 2 days, everything should be back to normal…

I guess I will just mark the feed as read and hope it will not show up again, unless it has some real new contents.

Thank you very much for your reply.



the usual cause for this is something like “oh we upgraded the blog engine for our site and all GUIDs are different now”

nothing much could be done about it i’m afraid