Error Message if going to settings


If I change to the settings, I see very often an error message like:


After a reload, it work without problem. I found no more information in the error-protocol of TT-RSS about that. I used Firefox 58.02 but tried also Vivaldi 14

At the moment I don’t know what does that mean. Are there something wrong with my Webbrowser, my Webserver, my TT-RSS installation, or ???

tt-rss version (including git commit id):
17.12 (not sure if I did correct, but I get bcdbfa7c675832704095fd65157bcc421becbf95)

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Debian 9, PHP7, MySQL

Additional informtion:
I uploaded the files with ftp and used the files from git clone tt-rss => I used also git push to get the latest files.

best regards, Andyt


this has been reported before and it could be some kind of problem / race condition related to dojo module loader and network / browser caches / could be anything else really.

it only happened to me maybe two times over several years so i never managed to investigate anything.

tldr: i dunno.


Hello fox,

Thank you for your answer.

At the moment I get it always during my first change to settings. A reload (with settings url) work without troubles. After that, I’m able to change back to normal view and return back to settings without troubles. After some time, it return.

The same problem occur if I use “Firefox Integration” for RSS-Feed. It send the feed to TT-RSS without troubles, but if I want to change any additional settings (like category) and want to change to the settings, I see the same problem. In the most cases it work without troubles if I will wait some more seconds after using “Firefox Integration”.

You tell me something about dojo module and browser cache. I use Firefox 58.0.2 and have pinned TT-RSS, so it is always there. In the most time, I don’t close TT-RSS - even for hibernation. So it look like that this increase the probability of such rare condition?

Is there any information how do reduce the risk of such failure? By the way, dojo module is something from Webbrowser or TT-RSS? It seems to me last one…

edit: oh, I forgot a question: that error isn’t really a problem - I mean no damage to TT-RSS settings/database or similar?

best regards, Andyt


module loader is dojo, like i said it’s hard to say what could be the cause but it’s unlikely that this involves some kind of damage to your installation because ctrl-r makes everything work properly.

you can try opening F12 dev console next time this happens and see if there’s anything worth reporting in there (including possibly failed network transfers), other than that i don’t know what to suggest. :man_shrugging:


Thanks for your response. The problem don’t occur if I reload the Tab with TT-RSS before I switch to settings.

However, I will look to F12 dev console next time and give response if there will some new information.

regards, Andyt



I have some new information. The number of error messages is reduced if I reload the website before going to the settings. It is similar if I will add new RSS-Feeds with Firefox integration and going there to the settings.

However, sometimes there is still an error message like today

Error: declare fox.PrefFilterTree: unknown base class. Did you use dojo.require to pull it in?
Stack trace:
Error: declare fox.PrefFilterTree: unknown base class. Did you use dojo.require to pull it in?
{“error”:{“code”:6,“message”:“Nicht autorisierte Abfrage.”}}
Error: declare fox.PrefLabelTree: unknown base class. Did you use dojo.require to pull it in?
Stack trace:
Error: declare fox.PrefLabelTree: unknown base class. Did you use dojo.require to pull it in?
{“error”:{“code”:6,“message”:“Nicht autorisierte Abfrage.”}}

There is one interessing part in the original error message: “Nicht autorisierte Abfrage”. The translation will be “Unauthorized query”. Is there something missing from the authentication? For example I mean reading failure from cookie or is that wrong? In the error message is also an unknown base class - don’t know what that mean?

regards, Andyt


unauthorized is most likely tt-rss backend replying to tt-rss frontend trying to report the actual error

other than that, interesting


If I unterstand correctly… it mean, the whole error message wasn’t helpful - or just that point with “unauthorized”?

By the way - such error message didn’t occur since that time. Maybe it is gone?


this is the arguably helpful part although i don’t know why would the loader fail like that

the unauthorized part is unlikely to be related to this specifically (it’s probably because tt-rss couldn’t initialize -> there was no csrf code -> error submission failed)

anyway, i haven’t got any new ideas on this. it’s up to people who have this problem to investigate further, i think.


I have the same problem. It breaks for me with these 2 commits:

commit 4fa64e8446563a89f04badfdfecc8a57750c083d
Author: Andrew Dolgov 
Date:   Wed Mar 21 14:02:06 2018 +0300

    filter dialog: remove placeholder

commit e794e434da1e3029162a5dd2b999b83f1342cab2
Author: Andrew Dolgov 
Date:   Wed Mar 21 13:38:36 2018 +0300

    filter dialog: add tooltip re: filter syntax

Meaning, if I roll back from 4fa64e8446563a89f04badfdfecc8a57750c083d to e794e434da1e3029162a5dd2b999b83f1342cab2, then it’s still broken.

If I roll back to this commit:

commit e35a46733fe48d2cd1e64bd7020531b0587f1bbe
Author: Andrew Dolgov 
Date:   Fri Mar 16 21:34:01 2018 +0300

    hlClicked: do not set headline selected when ctrl-clicking

Then everything works fine.

OS: CentOS 7.4
PHP: 5.4.16
Web: Apache 2.4.6


i find it hard to believe that those are directly related