Error Message if going to settings


ugh. this kind of stuff in my experience always points to cache-related bullshit of some nature.

e: alternatively its something to do with the way i did inheritance for dojo but i’m too dumb to figure out what’s wrong.


This happens to me (occasionally) in all the browsers I use that aren’t Firefox (where I can’t recall ever seeing it). That’s Edge on Windows and Safari on Mac. It doesn’t happen (again, that I can remember) in Firefox on either Windows or Mac.

Sometimes it’s so bad that I’ve rolled back to make it go away (earlier in this thread). Other times I see it only once or twice in weeks. Normally reloading the tab a couple times makes it work fine. It’s only when that doesn’t “fix it” that I roll back and wait for a few more commits to go through before trying again.

I’m well into a “seen it maybe once or twice in the past several weeks” period right now, so it’s not a showstopper for me at the moment. I’ll try some of these suggestions the next time I see it. Personally, I suspect it’s a dojo toolkit bug and not a tt-rss issue.


i’m gonna need you guys test something for me. i read up on dojo module documentation and changed how tt-rss custom dojo modules are defined (i may have been doing it completely wrong). this might make things better or worse, no idea.

due to high probability of breakage i’m not going to merge this into master just yet (even though it seems to work for me :man_shrugging:) , so there’s going to be a separate branch:

the procedure is as usual. pull testing branch from gogs, switch to it, report back on any changes.

git fetch origin dojo-module-define-test:dojo-module-define-test
git checkout dojo-module-define-test


UPD: disregard the above, the changes are in master now.