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Easier translations with Weblate


In an effort to make translating easier I’ve set up an instance of Weblate, available here:

Anyone can contribute. The results get pushed into a separate branch (weblate-integration) which can be reviewed and merged into master later.

If you can, please consider helping with translations. Those were quite neglected lately and it’s just sad.

e: Android app translations are here:



Do I need a new login for that?


you can use google to login, otherwise yep, can’t auth with gogs i think


Wished to contribute, but then saw that my email would be open for all to see and deleted the account. Sorry.


You could just use a throw-away email… Doesn’t everyone have a Gmail account for garbage mail?


Thanks for that instance of Weblate.

French translation is over.

And Weblate is great.


excellent, thank you and other people who are helping with this
much appreciated


Thanks for the opportunity to contribute!

I suggested some corrections to Italian labels of Android app.



I recently did some translations for the Android app. There is one string (org.fox.ttrss/​src/​main/​res/​values/​strings.xml, string 24, at line 33: “<string name=“blank”></string>”) which is just a empty string. Obviously, it is not possible to translate this. This leaves any complete translation at 99.6%. Is this string really necessary?


probably not, i’m not sure where it’s even used
i’ll take a look tomorrow