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Auto-update of filters, labels, feed for non-admin users from admin user account?


Forum search showed me this article:

… and I liked a few of the OP ideas as they are similar to my planned approach for the aforementioned TT-RSS instance for the NGO.

Again read the referred TT-RSS wiki page:

… and made several tests which did not show the wanted results.

For users not being tech-savy I asked a few days ago for the labels applied by filters being included in the digest emails - thanks again for implementing.

For a few selected power users now I would also like to share all capabilties by offering them their own TT-RSS accounts.

They should have the full frontend flexibility (collapsing/expanding views in the feeds tree, search, applying labels, own read/unrad count, …), but not need to deal with the backend complexity. But they should get auto-updates of all changes applied in the admin accounts backend for filters, labels and feeds/categories. In the end they should see the same articles being labeled, scored and starred as in the admin account.

What has to be glued together to reach this, if possible at all?

In my first approach for this user group, importing an updated OPML file again into the same account updates the feeds tree, updates the labels, but creates duplicate entries in the filters list. And the af_readability flag for “Inline article content” for each feed has to be set manually again.

Thanks for your time and your support in advance.


anything is possible but you’ll need to hire actual developers or write relevant code yourself to make it happen

as far as i’m concerned providing this kind of limited service is outside the scope for tt-rss so you won’t be able to get very far with tt-rss stock functionality

e: in case it isn’t obvious this hiring part should happen on an appropriate forum, not here


I have to apologize for asking such a broad question which was indeed not narrowed down.

The OPML sections of the Feeds tab says:

Using OPML you can export and import your feeds, filters, labels and Tiny Tiny RSS settings.

In my understanding (which is only based on extrapolating the wiki entry), this would a perfect source for the live update which I thought is already possible.

A few lines later it says:

Your OPML can be published publicly and can be subscribed by anyone who knows the URL below
Published OPML does not include your Tiny Tiny RSS settings, feeds that require authentication or feeds hidden from Popular feeds.

This tells me, that the published OPML is stripped down compared to the export version above.

Would it be possible - if proper authentication was done - that this OPML mentioned above (with feeds, filters, labels) file can be subscribed by a non-admin user? As nearly everything in the frontend is able to publish it contents I thought that this is already included but well hidden.

Sorry again for asking too unspecific.

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