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[REQUEST] Share feed with multiple users


Hello !

I’ve been using tiny tiny RSS for a few weeks and noticed that pretty often I’d create an account that I would share with multiple users.
However that’s not really practical as unread / read messages are shared too and it would make more sense to have one account per user so that they could have their own read / unread messages.

I think this could be improved in two different ways:

  • Export / Import feeds (including categories)
    • This sounds like the simplest way to fix this
    • If you add new feeds this isn’t mirrored for other users
  • Share a feed with multiple users
    • Changes for one user would be reflected for all users
    • But each user has his own read / unread articles

Does this sound like a reasonable feature ?
Are there pitfalls that I’m missing?



Similar to the already-built-in Published feed and, when subscribing, Popular feeds.

e: Publish Articles, and related Share Anything. Doesn’t look like the wiki has anything about Popular feeds but if enough users subscribe to the same feed everyone can see it’s popular in the Subscribe dialog box.


i honestly can’t parse your post but

  1. i’m not going to add any social shit to tt-rss beyond what’s already there
  2. write a plugin