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Wrong URL after login


I have installed TT-RSS via docker container and proxy through nginx.

This means that the internal URL is recognized as while it is accessed via example.com/tt/

This seems to generally work, except during login.

when i login from example.org/tt/ i am sent back to example.org/ - when i afterwards manually enter example.org/tt/ it works fine again and i’m logged in.

I have already set define('SELF_URL_PATH', 'http://example.org/tt/'); and define('_SKIP_SELF_URL_PATH_CHECKS', true); in the config file.


why don’t you ask whoever made the container? we’re not responsible for third party solutions here


I was under the impression that this was the “Tiny Tiny TSS: Community” and not the “Tiny Tiny RSS: Here we only answer basic questions that fox appreciates”.


“hello i have installed something potentially broken off docker hub and i want answers which you need to acquire telepathically because i’m not even going to provide any relevant information”


btw, don’t bother providing relevant information, as my above point still stands. it’s just me explaining to you why your post is stupid and wrong.


I’m not going to provide you anything. I’ve seen your history of “answering” in this “community”.

My question still stands if anyone else has any relevant experience to share.


cool sass, see you in a month or so i guess.


You’d be wrong about that.


As Fox explained, your question was mis-directed, Ask whoever built the thing you’re using… If you choose to use TT-RSS stock, then ask here.