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What are you doing in terms of Pocket integration?


There was the oneclickpocket plugin and also the general sharing plugin, but I’m not sure they still work, do they?

For those using Pocket, what kind of integration do you have and are you happy with it?


I use the Pocket plugin coming with TT-RSS and it works just fine. I don’t use it that much though to have an opinion about me being happy with it. It does its job.


I could not find the built-in one anymore in TT-RSS v17.4 and was thinking it has been removed. That’s why I ended up finding oneclickpocket, but that has been unmaintained since May 2015 and I’m not sure if any of the forks work.

Should the built-in one be called “pocket” or is it something else?


there’s an old plugin in the attic (https://git.tt-rss.org/git/tt-rss-attic/src/master/plugins) repository but it is also unmaintained.

generic share by url plugin is bundled, everything else is on third parties.


Ah, I’m using this one, sorry for the confusion - if any. Like I mentioned, it works just fine.

I installed it in plugins.local.


Ah, thanks both of you, that seems to work for now.