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Hi. Inoreader has changed their membership plans, so I am looking for a new RSS reader system. Perfect timing too, because i was about to start a new project using Inoreader’s API.

The question is if tt-rss will do what I need.

Use case: I have between 250-300 rss subscriptions, and for a large chunk of the year I get around that many items per day in my feed. I need to be able to browse through them quickly, seeing at least a preview of each item, and then tag the item with 1 or more tags. Or labels, categories, or whatever that is called in this system.

The new project will involve an external site querying the system to find any messages with a particular tag, or set of tags, do some processing, removing said tags and/or assigning a new tag or two. Like I said I had planned to do this with inoreader with their API. It would be preferable to do this with a different system’s API as well, however if I am going to self host I could always query the database directly, I suppose.

Will tt-rss do this?



Yes, for the most part. TT-RSS limits article lists to at most 200 items at a time; depending on how the client software retrieves items the pagination could make skimming articles slower.

Also, the TT-RSS API allows you to assign labels to articles, but those labels must first be created, and one must use the Web UI for that. There exists an API extension[1] which includes the functionality as well, but it’s not standard functionality.

[1] https://github.com/jangernert/FeedReader/blob/master/data/tt-rss-feedreader-plugin/README.md


API is extensible so you can do pretty much whatever you want with it
also since you have the data you can work with the database directly


Thanks, but your reply confuses me. Possibly I didn’t explain my use case adequately.

While I receive hundreds of items/articles in my feed per day, I am interested in only about 10% of them, and it’s only those that will be tagged (is “labelled” the right word here?). And the external web site (is this the client software you are referring to?) will look for tagged articles frequently. At least once per hour, possibly every 15 minutes. So the list of articles it encounters at any give time will be quite small.

Yes, the tags will be fixed and pre-existent.

Is that clearer?


Sounds like TT-RSS should work quite well for you, then.