Tiny Reader RSS iOS v2.0


Hi !

tiny Reader RSS iOS 2.01 has just been released :slight_smile:


Over this is a great app! Thank you for putting this together.

I do agree that button placement could be optimized better for one-handed reading - but I’m not sure I know exactly what I would put where. I’m right handed and use an iPhone 7s and 8s+ - the smaller phone screen doesn’t need a lot of changing, but the larger screen could use all the common use buttons near the bottom.

Adding features like swipe left/right while reading to advance/go back would be helpful (maybe I missed it). But none of this is enough to cause me to stop using the app! Love it!


When reading an article, you can swipe left/right to read previous/next article (same with the left/arrow in the toolbar). You can also swipe down in the toolbar to close the article view and go back to the headlines. And, of course, standard iOS gesture (tap on home button of swipe down for faceID phones) is available to show half view for accessing the navigation bar with one hand (I think this option need to be activated in the iOS preferences).


Can you explain that for me, what is the Tool bar? Where the Source and Close buttons live? or the next, prev, star and Read buttons live?

I’ve tried both and not been able to close an article.


The toolbar is the bottom bar (the top bar is called navigation bar)

You just need a swipe down inside this bar to close the view. You need to start the gesture inside the bar, it doesn’t work if you start the gesture outside the bar. This is not a standard gesture, but it can be useful when using the app with one hand.


Honestly I haven’t been able to get this gesture or the pull to refresh gesture to work.


Yeah I tried it last night also, it’s a pretty narrow box, and I couldn’t get it to work.

Being able to do it on the entire article would be useful. I use the next/prev swipe quite a bit for reading.


The article scrolls vertically, so adding a swipe up/down will not always work as expected…