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Thank you for five years with Tiny Tiny RSS!


It’s been five years since I closed Google Reader for good, and logged into my new instance of Tiny Tiny RSS. Since then Tiny Tiny RSS became an irreplaceable part of my daily ~workflow~. It received numerous fixes and updates, yet never experienced so much as a hiccup, only getting better along the way.

Andrew, thank you for your time, efforts, and unyielding commitment to your project! Here’s for the next five years!

PS: please don’t get me wrong when I post the link to the Patreon campaign supporting the creator of Tiny Tiny RSS. I am in no way associated with Andrew or Tiny Tiny RSS, I’m just a humble user reminding you the project we all enjoy could use some tangible support.


I dont know how long i am using TinyRSS. I think ~2 years now. I didnt use Google Reader, but i am a fan of self hosted stuff and TinyRSS is an important part of my daily news “workflow”, too. I love the software and the IOS App, too. I am reading 50/50 on PC and Iphone and the new IOS Apps is really good. So thanks for the developer of the mobile app, too. I will not change to any other software as long as tinyrss is there and doing its job as much stable as it was the last years :slight_smile:


you’re welcome guys although i didn’t imagine i’d be stuck hacking on this for so long

commit 1cd17194a52bb717f0fb42b52a105891e2df9ea8
Author: Andrew Dolgov <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Aug 21 11:13:10 2005 +0100

    initial mockup

welp, time flies


Let me guess, you were just a kid then? :grinning:

2005 feels like a lifetime ago.

I remember when I started moving to all self-hosted services (years ago) because of privacy, wanting to control the stuff that mattered, and an unending desire to tinker. I came across TT-RSS while still using Google Reader. I took a look over it thinking it was a nice complete package but just never went with it until a year or so later when Google dropped Reader (and now I use zero Google services because Google).

I actually started writing my own web based feed reader before switching from Google but family stuff started occupying too much of my time then so I abandoned the project and went with TT-RSS.


i was 25 :frowning:

so, yes


We’re basically the same age, I was 27 then. Time moves too quickly.

Anyway, I echo Latimer’s sentiments: thanks for the product. If I couldn’t read throughout the day it would make life substantially more boring.


Heartily seconded thirded, wait, what was my ticket number again ? I mean if not for tt-rss I’d have to use Feedly or something.


Can I donate via PayPal? I don’t like that ‘patron’ stuff.


There is a PayPal’s Donate button in the top right corner of http://tt-rss.org page. I haven’t used it myself.


You can NEVER leave!




I’m amazed to discover it’s five years since the end of Google Reader - seems like a great time to buy Fox a couple of beers.


Wow, really five years? It was also the time for me to start with TT-RSS. lawiedc wrote some good point. I will do that now, before the mobile phone ring again…

edit: done :wink:

ttrss=# select link, date_entered from ttrss_entries order by date_entered asc limit 1;
         link         |        date_entered        
 http://xkcd.com/915/ | 2011-06-23 07:30:27.840729

OK. It has been a long time too. Many thanks for that.