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Tell tt-rss about I read an articel with Firefox


My favourite feed reader is the Firefox built in. I like this drop-down menus which contain the feeds as menu-entries.
The Problem is, that these entries link direct to the article and tt-rss don’t get the Information that I had read this article. Is it possible to change the Link in RSS feeds to a redirect link on my tt-rss?


If your favorite feed reader is Firefox, use Firefox. For ways to augment Firefox, visit their forums or whatever support system they use.


If this RSS Reader from Firefox has a Bug, I would do this. But the Feedreader from Firefox has no error. And support the RSS Feed without Problem. Thats why I wish to do something with tt-rss that also this normal feedreader could tell tt-rss that I have read an article. This would work If the Links in RSS provided from tt-rss contain a Link to tt-rss.

It should work like a URL-Shortener which is able to count the clicks. because it got Informed about every click.


idk about others here but i have no idea wtf you’re talking about. the only language allowed on this forum is English. go learn it and come back when you can express yourself coherently.

also your firefox-related questions are better directed at firefox developers. i’m going to give you a few weeks to figure this whole thing out.


Thanks for the weeks, but I don’t see the problems on my text. My English is not the Best but not that bad that you could not understand the content.

If you do not understand something, you could also ask me about it instead of blocking me.

I also do not think that this request should be directed at Firefox developers. As far I know, the RSS Standard only has a one way data-stream and Firefox had implemented it correct.

I try it again. The Idea is that tt-rss generate a link like “https://domain/tt-rss/923e2983eu” for any article. If you open the article from your RSS reader, the Browser open this address. tt-rss get the information that this article got read and redirect the browser to its original website.


this should be easy enough to implement via tt-rss plugin. if you can learn by example and know basic php i’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.

this seems like too much effort. either observe the rules of this forum or post somewhere else.


Sounds like you’re either.
a. subscribing to feeds in TTRSS and Firefox separately and somehow want the 2 to magically talk to each other and keep in sync (this will NOT happen)
or b. Subscribing to feeds in TTRSS, then publishing articles to public feed URL which Firefox then pulls from TTRSS

Either way there is no communication between Firefox and TTRSS besides them pulling a feed list. You could write some plugin or Firefox addon to use the TTRSS API so it interfaces with TTRSS directly.

And if you like Firefox and use it then what are you using TTRSS for then, just put everything in Firefox. Sounds like you don’t actaully understand what TTRSS actually does.