Suggestions for improving usability of video on android


i love how the android app can play video while scrolling through the feed. thank you for this. i want to use this on my tablet, lounging in the backyard, but video feeds are easier to use in a browser, for a few reasons…

  • where is the seek bar ? its annoying not knowing how long a video is, how far in you are, and not being able to skip
  • the play button lacks visual queues for state ? i find myself mashing it sometimes unsure if its buffering, paused, stopped … or actually playing (like 5sec at the start with no-sound)
  • is it possible to offer additional controls ? like swipe gestures to FF/RW (ala kodi/vlc)


you can use the dedicated gallery-view player which has all this stuff, i would prefer to not complicate headlines inline player because there’s way too much going in that area already.

tldr: no