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Starred and General articles


I am running latest version using the compact theme.

When I view my news, I always view unread from the dropdown. If I goto the starred category, I need to choose “All Articles” or nothing shows up in the starred category. When I then go back to read my main news, I need to once again choose “unread” from the dropdown so that I can see only unread items only. Is there a mod or something that will show all articles if you click on starred category?

Starred category should really be exempt from that dropdown choice.



this is accounted for when you’re using adaptive which is the default


Beautiful. Thanks, I will try the adaptive out. I was not sure what that did anyway.

Great work on this software. I am using it to finally cut the cord of newsblur. Next step for me is to try and figure out a way to take my 300+ saved articles from newsblur and get them into my tt build. I was thinking a user script or a dirty chrome addon to basically grab all the data so I can import it into the db.