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[solved] Offline mode not working



Having to work in remote areas, I often used the offline mode to read the news, but the option stopped working for me a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if it was when I ugraded to Android 7.0 or when the Samsung Experience was updated.

Now when I try to use offline mode, the applicatiion asks for a confirmation and after, nothing ever happens. It used to ask for another confirmation when everything was synchronized on the phone, but not anymore, and if I go offline, there is nothing loaded on my phone

I checked the application permissions and it has access to storage

I found nothing related to this problem. I really like that feature and used it daily.

Thanks for your help

ttrss version : 1.231 (465) Build timestamp 2017.12.11 07:12:25
Phone model : Samsung Galaxy A5
Android version : 7.0
Samsung experience version : 8.1
Kernel version : 3.18.14-1215743


when sync is done you should receive a heads-up notification. are you sure you are not missing it? you could also have for whatever reason disallow notifications for tt-rss. check that.

if not that, i’m afraid you will have to figure out how to get adb logs off your device.

the tldr is: get adb somewhere (android sdk), connect your phone to usb, enable usb debugging, open tt-rss app and try to switch offline while adb logcat is connected, then post logs here. some googling may be required.


Thank you very much fox!

For some unknown reason, notifications were disabled for the Tiny Tiny RSS app. I enabled the notifications and everything is working fine again.

I did not find where to mark this as solved

Thanks again


IIRC, edit your OP, you should be able to prepend [solved] to the subject.