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[SOLVED] Can't get tt-rss running on Arch Linux - PHP Postgre error


Hiya, am trying to get TT-RSS running on an Arch Linux LXD container, but having troubles with PostgreSQL playing nice with PHP it seems.

PHP support for PostgreSQL is required for configured DB_TYPE in config.php

I’ve tried following the wiki for my OS, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TT-RSS , which suggests installing php-pgsql package and enabling relevant php extensions. I’ve done that, and I can see that PDO for psql is enabled in PHP info(and I did a full reboot after the setup):

PHP (7.2.4) info - https://<CENSORED>

Any idea what could be going wrong?


Solved my issue, I needed to also uncomment extension=pgsql.so
I’ve added that detail to the wiki page.


This is contradicted by PhpCompatibilityNotes on the wiki. That page says that the “Legacy PostgreSQL or MySQL drivers may be needed for plugins not yet migrated to PDO”

Could someone clarify?


that’s about php application side of things (PDO is a higher level api, there’s also an older lower level one which is mostly unused by tt-rss now)
they both still go through the same php extension for postgresql that you need to enable regardless

e: maybe this notice on the wiki should be better phrased somehow