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Publish date not updating in TT when updated by site


I’ve lately come across a behaviour I’m slightly confused about in regards to why the publish date for the article is not matching that of the website.

One example:

It was published -> 2018-03-29 07:05:00 (updated)
TT fetched this article on -> 2018-03-29 07:14:00 (date_entered)
TT updated the article on -> 2018-04-02 10:58:01.419614 (date_updated)

The above news is again in the news feed for the website as per data below:

	<title>READY PLAYER ONE: UCI KINOWELT und WIDESCREEN laden ein zur &#0034;Heroes Night&#0034;</title>
	<description>Achtung Filmfans! Am 4. April 2018 zeigt UCI KINOWELT mit READY PLAYER ONE das neue Science-Fiction-Abenteuer von Steven Spielberg in der &#0034;Heroes Night&#0034; - in 3D! Gegen Vorlage eines bei uns als PDF herunterladbaren Original-Gutschein-Coupons gibts&#8230;</description>
	<pubDate>Mon, 02 Apr 2018 09:05:00 +0200</pubDate>
	<enclosure url="http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/teaserw160/2018/03/RPO-TRLR-0023-pc-games.jpg" type="image/jpeg" length="2776" /> 

Now in my TT feed and other custom views I don’t get this article up as an article from today (seeing it retains the original updated date). Thought if it appears in their feed again I would have expected the “updated” date to reflect that… so that I would see it as a new article (even and update of an existing article) - is this normal?

And if normal how can I change that :slight_smile: I could swear in the past I’ve seen articles get a bumped publish date when there’s been an update. I first though it could be something around GUID having isPermalink=true as for another test example of mine… but this one did not have that so I thought to ask for the logic around this.

TTRSSv17.12 (1ddf3a2), Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS‬, PHP 7.0.27, PostgreSQL 9.6.6, curl 7.35.0, 2000+ feeds


tt-rss is not going to classify articles as new on timestamp change because this would cause a very annoying spamwave

there is (was?) a mark unread when updated setting

otherwise get creative with plugins, current behavior re: timestamps is not going to change


Thanks Fox and I understand your point.

I will have to test, maybe it will cause other bigger issues, though at least in my usage scenario if it is new in the feed (that be updated of an old article or not) it is still new and I feel my users needs to be made each time that happens. Let’s say Eurogamer.net posts an article of upcoming games once a month using the same SEO and simply replacing the old article, that’s really annoying if not showing up as new entry.

It is also very confusing that a locally fetched news don’t match the public date and time of the version on the website if checked. Plus in some ways by not updating that publish date TT is “correcting” something and normally that’s something you don’t have TT try to ever (as in crappy coding and what not that some idiots manage to do feed wise to cause trouble is the problem of the feed and not TT) - in my eyes this is similar.

All that aside, we’re allowed to have opinions and I respect yours and I just represent one usage case. I’ll look to create a plugin or something to address this separately in due time as I think I will need to change it.


date-related issues has been discussed multiple times (check old forums etc)
the tldr is you can’t really rely on feed-supplied timestamp for anything (especially sorting) because every other site is broken

your specific issue should be easily solveable with a feed-specific plugin