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Possible for getHeadlines API call that returns starred headlines for 1 feed_id?


I am trying to use the getHeadlines API call to get back only starred headlines associated with a specific feed (id). The API seems to treat starred as its own special feed_id (-1). Is there a way that I can specify multiple values for feed_id?



look for view mode in API docs


I’m currently setting view_mode=unread. Is ‘marked’ the same as ‘starred’?
Can i query for headlines that are both unread & starred somehow?



afraid not :frowning:


Ok, thanks for confirming that i’m not missing a solution.


The API is pluggable so you could add this feature if it’s important.


Can you not use something like the below? The documentation suggests you can, but I no longer have TT-RSS installed, so I can’t confirm.

 "op": "getHeadlines",
 "feed_id": 2112,
 "search": "unread:true star:true"


Seems to work in my tests.


Excellent, ‘search’ works perfectly. thanks!