Out of memory crashes on Android


I’m seeing some crash reports related to out of memory errors on (usually older) android devices. I’m interested in getting some feedback from people who have this problem. If android app crashes a lot usually while loading data or scrolling through headlines list, post here, including your device, manufacturer, and android version, so I could look up your crash report on ACRA.

Some devices I’m seeing reports from are: samsung espressowifiue (whatever that is, 4.2), samsung m3xx (?, 4.4.4), samsung kltexx (galaxy s5, 6.0.1), google yakju (4.3.1, galaxy nexus).

Also, as a general hint, disabling images in headlines would likely fix this. I might be able to tweak glide a bit to make it easier on RAM but that would require a volunteer.


If it helps, “espressowifi” is a Galaxy Tab 2.
“m3xx” is Galaxy S3 LTE GT-I9305


yeah a samsung tablet has poor memory management well color me surprised

e: seeing another sufferer with “asus WW_epad”