Oldest first order for 'All articles' groups the order per feed


I am running tt-rss from the git master branch (commit ID a2d1fa5b14104013bab8ca4d9d5e115ebedaab42) on a dedicated Debian Stretch server (PHP 7.0.30, MariaDB 10.1.26) . In the recent few months I have been noticing a change in the way ordering of feeds work for the ‘All articles’ special feed.

I use the ‘Oldest first’ ordering for my feeds with only the unread articles set to be displayed. Till recently, the ordering was applied to all articles (I might be wrong and might have noticed this behavior only now). After some recent changes, the ordering of the posts is now ‘Oldest first’ grouped by feeds, i.e., all the articles in a feed are shown in the ‘Oldest first’ order before the next feed.

Is there a way to get the global oldest first ordering (via some configuration) or is this a bug?

My question seems to be similar to “oldest first” sort not fully sorted but I am not sure it is the same issue because there doesn’t seem to be grouping by feed.


you sure you don’t have virtual feed grouping enabled? hotkey f g to toggle.


I don’t have any unread articles at the moment. So I will test it tomorrow morning when I expect to have more articles. Thanks! :+1:


Same here.
I don’t have Virtual feed grouping enabled.
I notice that is only in “Oldest First”, when using “Newest First” it seems ok.


The oldest (sorry, one image per post)


you might be running into batch dates then, this has been implemented many years ago so the discussion should be somewhere on the old forums.



In the recent few months I have been noticing a change in the way ordering of feeds work

i don’t remember recently changing anything related to this. maybe some feeds changed their timestamp algorithm which made you notice, i dunno.


I tested this by toggling and the ‘groupby feed and then sort by oldest first’ seems to be gone now. :+1: That said, the order is still not strictly ‘oldest first’ which I guess is the same issue as “oldest first” sort not fully sorted.


Is there anything in the UI that shows whether feed grouping is on or off?


there’s feed titles, you can’t really miss it


also option checked in preferences