New version of Android app does not show pictures for some feeds



the new version of the Android app 1.212 (446) sometimes is not showing title pictures. The old version does, so here are two screenshots to compare both versions with the same feed (and same server and same app-settings):

This example shows this feed:

This problem is also true for all feeds from Flickr (example:

Tested on Android 6.0.1. Thank you very much for the hard work and this great app! If there are more informations I can provide, feel free to ask.

Best regards!


on my phone now but this is likely related to increased requirements for image width/height (I posted about this in the beta thread). It’s 300px now I think.

this could be reverted I guess


update which reverts this change back to 128px should be up in a few hours


Great, thank you very much!


Hello fox,

at the android app, current version 1.213 and versions before, no pictures are shown from two rss feeds which are synchronized from tt-rss server.

notebookcheck news:

notebookcheck tests:

Please help me and maybe others by fixing this cosmetic defect.



i tried subscribing to your first feed and the image didn’t even open in the article webview which is why i’m going to assume the publisher is being a dick somehow about user agents or w/e and file it as not my problem, sorry

i could be wrong but w/e

e: also i’m not sure but i think those are in enclosures and that might not be currently supported for flavor images


I’m not sure if I consider this an improvement

I dunno maybe I’d make more sense to decide whether a picture is shown based width/high ratio.
Maybe even DPI or display resolution.


yeah i can just imagine the forum posts: the apparently highly important picture is shown on my phone but not on my tablet, what do, pls fix, also pls make this configurable preferably per-feed^Wper-article

e: tbh i would prefer if people said oh the gifs are playing now, cool stuff, but noooo :shakefist:


I prefer images not being shown over having to deal with poor quality images.

I didn’t even notice .gifs do work now. Maybe I’m not subscribed to any feeds which embed .gifs in the first place.


I prefer images not being shown

you’re in luck, there’s an option that does just that!

i agree that the image shouldn’t get blown up like that but i’ve looked it up and Glide up/downscaling is an obscure maze so i’m afraid you’ll have to endure, somehow, dealing with quote-unquote poor quality images from time to time.

even without considering functional gifs overall Glide is a colossal improvement over UIL (which is a dead library with multiple unresolved issues) so nothing is going to radically change on this front.

as usual if someone really wants to tackle this i promise to review the merge request.


Its true that the pics are blown-up in some feeds now. But this is much better than not showing pics. Just as an example:

In Flickr-feeds pics are shown now again (a bit blown-up). Before reverting back to 128px, pics have not been shown at all. Flickr is a photography-related website, so feeds without pictures would be extremely useless :wink:

So, thank you again, fox, for reverting back!