New features in Android app: evolution of mark all read


Dear developers of Tiny Tiny RSS

First of all I would like to thanks you a lot for tiny tiny RSS that I discovered when google RSS disappeared and I’m now using it daily since a few year. From my point of view the website version fits each and every needs I have. The android app is almost perfect and because it is almost perfect we always want to have a little more ^^. I’m French so the translation of the titles might not exactly fit and the screenshots don’t fits for sure…

On the website there is a very useful feature that load directly the next unread feed when you click on “mark all read” so the user don’t have to go through the arborescence of the feeds again. It would perfect to have it in the android app too!

In the “offline mode”, when you go in a category you have access to each and every feed but not the aggregated feed that is available in the on line version. It would be good if you could have it too!

The last one is when you are in the online mode and you click on the “three dots button” in the action bar you have “add newsfeeds (s’abonner au flux) / mark all as read (marquer comme lu) / change view (changer la vue)”. When you are offline mode you have “mark all as read (marquer comme lu) / change view (changer la vue) / preferences (Préférences)” which is normal because you cannot add feeds offline… But it would be good to have “mark all as read” always on top to ease the use, and even better to have a button in the action bar. I even had an app in the past where the mark all read button was as a bottom on the feed. (sreenshot in the next post)

If you want to discuss the proposal and I’m not clear please ask and I will try to explain better :smile:.
Thanks you for reading this post even if you decide not to include the proposals in next versions! I will still continue to use tt-rss in any case :smiley:
Have a nice day,


The second screenshot as I was not authorized to post 2 pictures in the same post


I’m not reading this wall of text, op.


He wants “Mark all read” always in the same position in the Android app, no matter whether one is offline or online. In online mode it gets overtaken by “Subscribe to feed” in position 1, which isn’t so great for muscle memory.

And he wants “go to next unread feed” after “mark all read” on Android, bringing it closer to the web version.

I think that’s all.


makes sense, I’ll take a look at this


btw “all articles” feed is unlikely to be added to offline


update on this: go to next unread is not gonna happen, i’ll move “subscribe to feed” to the bottom of the dropdown so that menu positions are consistent between online & offline.