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Main header (News+) showing picture


hey community,

Before explaining my appointment:

I’m absolutely new to this forum, from Germany and communication design student. This is my first post.

I searched in the forum but couldn’t find the right answer (please forgive me if I’m mistaken or this was the wrong way for getting a solution). Just starting with all the RSS things and would call me a beginner.


When using NEWS+ Android app, just some feeds show the title image in card view. The News+ plugin etc. is installed properly. When viewing the same feeds over TheOldReader or Feedly (just for comparing), the title images are shown. What do I have to do for getting the same result?

For a better understanding I attached a side-by-side comparison picture.


neither news+ android app nor the tt-rss plugin you’re supposedly using are developed here, maybe ask their respective developers for support instead?

either that or use android app I made, i mean it does show images ¯\(ツ)


All right, thanks for your quick reply. I will have a look at your app.

I will also talk to NEWS+ and update this thread when I have new infos.


@pinkbird, if you manage to contact the author of the News+ Android app, then please tell him to fix the use of labels in his app. It basically works, but you always have to update them separately because they are not fetched when updating feeds within the app.


I putted it onto the list in my mail.

By the way, the updated NEWSJET RSS app for Android supports TINY like a charm. Here and there are some bugs or missing settings, but the open source project is just at the start. Really like the clean look. Articles are properly resolved…


By the way, the updated NEWSJET RSS app for Android supports TINY like a charm.

So, what are the advantages of using this over the app Fox made?…


So, what are the advantages of using this over the app Fox made?…

not having to deal with me obviously


:slight_smile: You are not hard to deal with as long as (i) one reads the freaking manual and (ii) do not mind a little abrasive wordings.


Hey guys.

1. To answer your question @fox:

So, what are the advantages of using this over the app Fox made?

For my personal taste I like the way, look and summary-structure, how TT-RSS content is loaded into the app. Added an example image of actual app settings. The app of Fox is is by no meanings also a wonderful TT-RSS app!
As I already mentioned the app developer integrated TT-RSS plugin that does a great job so far.

2. @jamesbond: I wrote the mail (also with your concern) to the developers of News+. I got the feedback from support (what a surprise) that they will give a feedback as soon as possible. So far no more answers from them :unamused: But I will not give up! :smile:

3. Back to image in articles or headers problem:

The problem of integrating/correct interpreting main (or “header”) image seems to start in TT-RSS!? It’s simply not shown. Here an extract from an affected feed:

<atom:link href="http://www.macwelt.de/rss/news.xml" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml"/>
<item xmlns:default="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">
  <title>Fünfte iOS 10.3.2 Beta überraschend veröffentlicht</title>
     iOS 10.3.2 ist in Public Beta. Gestern Nacht hat Apple bereits die vierte Version für Entwickler und Tester veröffentlicht.
  <pubDate>Fri, 28 Apr 2017 16:40:00 +0200</pubDate>
  <default:creator xmlns="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">Halyna Kubiv</default:creator>


Call me crazy but I’m not seeing any images referenced in that feed excerpt so if TT-RSS is not showing any, it’s handling it correctly.

You mentioned a couple of third party services did show images but maybe they’re doing some extra fetching from the originating site. You could always enable the af_readability plugin for that feed if you wanted more content.


@pinkbird: Thanks for your effort. - But do you really think the developer still exists?

The last update from the News+ app is from January 2015.