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Loading of older feeds not working


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I’m using the Android App and I’m facing the issue that after I scroll through New Articles after some point it is reaching an end and it’s not loading anymore articles from an older timestamp (I know that there must be some older articles). This happens constantly when the app decides to say that new articles are avalaible. After this happens almost immediatley after the next few articles I reach the end of the list and no more articles will load. Any Idea how to solve this?

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you have to open the feed again (or reload it) when this prompt appears
the app literally says you to do this, btw


But why can’t I scroll further to read older articles? Why is there an end at somepoint even if the last visible article is only 1-2 hours away?


you can, after you reload the feed. until new articles arrive, then you have to reload from the top again.

because that’s how pagination works in tt-rss. it needs to count from something when calculating offsets to load new pages, if new articles arrive in the feed this starting point changes.

before this check was implemented tt-rss loaded new pages from the aforementioned incorrect offset which would count over some articles and miss them entirely.


Thank you for the explanation. Do you know if there is a limit of how many old articles will load as soon as I click on the New Articles Categorie? I don’t want to start at the too again after I’m scrolling through 1-2 hours old articles just to get the loading of old articles to work again.


there’s no limit, as long as there’s no new articles in this specific feed you can keep scrolling

if you feel like you’re missing older articles i suggest temporarily sorting articles by oldest first, then you’ll be able to read without interruptions in chronological order

set view mode to adaptive or unread and you won’t see already read articles again and again


I have tried it now. Changed the order of the articles to oldest first. Now I see old articles but again only from 1-2 hours ago. How about the articles older than this?


open something other than fresh articles, that one is hard limited by article age


Ok that makes sense. I’m looking now at the All Articles categorie. Is there any limit to let them load articles which are up to 5 days old?


I’m pretty sure there’s a setting in the Preferences page to adjust the time frame for fresh articles; it defaults to 24 hours.


I haven’t looked at the code so the setting may not apply for all articles or still be limited.


no, all articles sorted by oldest first would show you everything you have


No, that would give me articles from the start of january. What I want to do is to load new articles and then scroll through it without reaching an end of the list just after an hour old articles and having to reload and starting at the top again. I was using newsblur before and there I was used to have to scroll from new to old articles which are for example up to seven days old.


that is controlled by purging settings in tt-rss.

read the post above on the subject of pagination.

well, if it works better for you, why not continue using it.

i feel like i need to repeat myself a lot while talking to you. before any further posting take a look at various tt-rss settings (and the FAQ), because if i need to explain something obvious to you or repeat myself again i’m going to probate you for a month.