HTTPS «mixed content» error and solution


Hi everybody !

My ttrss server is over https and i have security error because images are loaded over http.

The solution is a plugin I have developed.

It can be dowloaded here :

For the installation : Put the folder «http2https» with the two files «init.php» and «https.php» into plugins/ of ttrss. Go to Configuration, then Plugins and activate http2https. That’s all !



Would it not be easier to configure the webserver in a proper way?

Mozilla Developer Network: CSP: Upgrade-insecure-requests


Or just use the already build in plugin af_zz_imgproxy

BTW I think custom plugins should be put in plugins.local directory?


Thanks for the proposition.

The problem wasn’t my webserver : everything works with https.
The problem is that ttrss uses images from other webserver wich doesn’t have https (the links of the images are in the RSS) and I want these images without mixed content.



Thanks for the propostion.
I don’t know this plugin exists… but I think it was what I needed.
I tried to use it but my version of ttrss is maybe to old : it doesn’t work… I’ll try it later.

I don’t have this folder, but you’re right, it’s the best location.



Just do a git pull?
You really should use the current git version if you aren’t right now.



Building a plugin based on an older version of tt-rss does not seem like a good idea…



af_zz_imgproxy works very well so you should use it instead of my own.