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Html5 video controls plugin?


curious why there is included plugins for mute and autoplay but not controls ?

i have a bunch of feeds with embedded html5 video but no controls.
i made a copy of af_zz_vidmute … changed muted to controls

boom!! TT is sooo awesome.


controls were always there by default, both in firefox and chrome. which browser are you using?

e: i guess my videos were mostly auto-embedded by plugins like af_redditimgur which add controls specifically which explains it.


chrome 60. controls are not default (anymore?)

maybe other folks dont care ? or dont notice its a video, they think its a picture ? i noticed because i like to have css that gives videos a border. i really didn’t make a plugin. i don’t want to post your stuff with 2 words changed.

if other people want controls too, they can figure it out or ask. thanks


there’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting this

just put it on github or something and link here, people might use it


if you dont mind. thats cool, i can do it next week.


Can you please explain how to?
I also read about that change, but do not know where to change that.


i never got around to posting this. basically i copied ttrss/plugins/af_zz_vidmute/ to ttrss/plugins.local/zb_zz_vidcontrol and changed as little as possible

  • init.js: add muted controls property
  • init.php: register plugin mute controls