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How to filter CJK use regex?


I want to filter CJK(Chinese, Japanese, Korean) in ttrss,

[\u4e00-\u9fa5] or [\uac00-\ud7ff] or [\u0800-\u4e00]

All working on website “https://regexr.com”, But not working in ttrss(no match any result)
only [\x00-\xff] working in ttrss, but range too big.



If what you’ve typed is exactly what you have, those first sets are not correct. TT-RSS uses PCRE. This:

[\u4e00-\u9fa5] or [\uac00-\ud7ff] or [\u0800-\u4e00]

Should be:

[\x{4e00}-\x{9fa5}] or [\x{ac00}-\x{d7ff}] or [\x{0800}-\x{4e00}]


Thank you !

It working now !