How to change the way feed is parsed?


I’ve got this one feed – – which for some reason uses incorrect url in <guid>, but provides correct one in <link>. I was wondering what’s the best way to make ttrss use the latter for this one feed. Probably through plugin, I guess, but which hook should I use? And are there any working plugins making some kind of similar change to certain feeds, that I could take as an example?


Probably by emailing and telling them their RSS feed is broke…


Do what @shabble said. I’ve had quite a bit of success by simply emailing the person responsible for the site to let him/her know. A lot of times things like this are just a simple oversight and the person fixes it.

That being said, TT-RSS’s plugin system has HOOK_FETCH_FEED and HOOK_FEED_FETCHED. If you know a bit of PHP you could use them to correct the guid. But the better solution is that the feed itself be properly fixed.


there was also this plugin although i’m not sure if it can replace feed elements with other feed elements:


Fox is correct Feediron can’t replace feed elements with other feed elements at this time