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Feature request: navigation like in Android app


When walking through my feeds I found the Android more usable than the web-interface:

  • if I want to read an article I can read it top to bottom
  • to move between articles I use the left/right swipe (maybe left/right on keyboard on the web interface?)
  • since I can see the article topic I can decide which to open (which gets read, the others stay untouched)

I hope I am not missing out on some already in-place configuration setting or plugin to accomplish this.


tt-rss main UI is designed with proper PCs in mind with fitting information density and control methods i.e. hotkeys, i’m not going to make it into some kind of web 4.0 abortion targeted at touchscreens like most “modern websites”. there’s definitely not going to be any swiping.

as far as i’m concerned android-specific UI is a needed compromise because devices are slow, have tiny screens, and no keyboard.

luckily there’s a variety of mobile web UIs for tt-rss, you can investigate those and see if they fit you better.


Which can be done on the web interface. Actions > Toggle Widescreen may help.


Settings > Interface > Combined Feed Display.

Screenshot of mine...