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Feature request: Duplicate filter


Fox, do you think the filter actions may include ‘Duplicate’ along with ‘Create’, ‘Combine’, ‘Edit’, ‘Reset’ and ‘Remove’?


filters technically run on every update, this could get ugly :slight_smile:


One can create one’s own filters with an extension. Have you looked at trying this and if you do one of these seeing what the performance might be, per Fox’s concern


oh wait duplicate filter? i read that as a filter action - duplicate (article). yeah it’s possible to add.


Yes, ‘Duplicate filter’. So that one doesn’t have to retype the all the conditions if only one parameter changes.


why would you do that though? you can add conditions to an existing filter

it’s not hard to add, i guess, but maybe this would be better handled by a plugin tbh


Hm… I wish to have titles containing ‘foo’ labelled ‘foo’, and titles containing ‘bar’ labelled ‘bar’. I couldn’t figure out a way to combine the two in one filter. In reality, the ‘foo’ filter is much longer than ‘foo’, so duplication would have spared me retyping all the conditions.

Sure, never mind. If it’ll only bloat the application, forget it. But I’ve seen the ‘Duplicate’ function in applications with elaborate filters (e.g., iTunes, Apple Mail).


it might happen when i’m sufficiently bored etc