Exclude feeds.feedburner.com share links


After activating af_zz_imgproxy, I often have share links at the bottom at the article that cannot be fetched from feeds.feedburner.com. The result typically looks like this:

When all is good, the share links look as follows:

Besides the fact that the failed request images don’t look nice, I’m thinking that these share links are actually one more way for Google to track our every move, by providing unique image URLs for each displayed feed item.

So I was looking for a way to exclude them from the articles. I managed that by adding an exclusion in the af_fsckportal plugin on feeds.feedburner.com images.
Maybe it would be better to put that on a separate plugin, or maybe there would be a different approach within or outside of tt-rss.

I’d be glad to send a pull request for my modification of the af_fsckportal plugin, or to get feedback about other approaches.


this is a bit not right for fsckportal which is about unwrapping links, not blocking them. what you should be doing is blocking this garbage via ublock. either that or a separate tt-rss plugin, i think.


uBlock is a perfect solution here.

I thought that way was not an option because the images are proxied by the server (using af_zz_imgproxy). What I did not realize is that the image URL path is in the form: https://myserver.com/tt-rss/.../[original image URL]

So an AdBlock filter like *feeds.feedburner.com*$image does the job I needed.
And I assume this also alleviates possible privacy concerns, since the server will not fetch the image unless requested by a client.