Estimated read time plugin?


Is there a plugin that shows the estimated read time of an article?
e.g. adding a line at the beginning of an article saying something like “Estimated read time: 7 min” based on article length.


We could even add machine learning to see how fast the user reads⸮

Actually, I like the idea in general. However, some RSS pass the whole article while others do a preview. How do you cope with that? Do you download all the articles? 'cause that’s gonna be slow. What about comics and images?


I was thinking about a customizable reading speed value (misured in words per minute).

I don’t know how tt-rss plugins work, but I think that this plugin could simply count words of the parsed articles and estimate read times.
In case of preview/comics/images, the plugin could simply “fail” and says “0 minutes”. To prevent this I would just disable the plugin for some feeds that usually posts images etc.


here’s a rough prototype that only works in combined mode

if anyone wants to hack on it, feel free