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Drop-Down Menus have text not arrows


The recent updates have also caused problems to the drop-down menus at the top-right of the display.

I now see the text ‘fl’ instead of a down-arrow.


Missing icons for Special categories

you have some kind of font-related overrides which prevent bundled font (in lib/flat-ttrss) from working properly - all those icons are actually fonts

your other thread about feed icons is material icons font not working properly (in lib/iconfont)

i’m not sure why this can happen, check if files are actually in there and maybe chrome network logs in f12 console. idk. some kind of woff-blocking addon.


After the recent updates I am seeing text instead of icons for the Special categories.



(i moved your other post here since it’s the same underlying font-related problem)


Your reply pointed me in the right direction.
In Firefox I had ‘Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above’ disabled.
Now that I have enabled it all the ‘icons’ and menu arrows have returned as expected.
Thanks @fox