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Different color on disabled feeds


Not sure this makes sense for anyone else but I guess it would be an easy tweak.

I have a growing number of feeds which I wish to keep for a while that are disabled (some of which had errors at the time of disabling). In the list of feeds I’d love to see a separate colour on all disabled feed versus those that are active and have errors (now I simply got a lot of red ones).

It would have been great to easier see feed errors (on active feeds) versus those that I might already have looked at and decided to “disabled” temporary or long term. Just a thought.


this is not a bad idea, shouldn’t be hard to implement i think.


We now have plain text for read, bold for unread, red for error, so what for inactive? Struck through?


Light grey.

20 characters…


like @JustAMacUser said above either grayed out or something like italic so it could stack with errors. probably gray though




That could work I guess :slight_smile: