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Default label colors


By default the colors set when you make a new label are grey on beige and is nearly unreadable on any theme and necessitates changing before being useful. Absolute contrast (black on white or white on black) would be readable on any theme, and a much better for a default.

I set white on black with

diff --git a/classes/pref/labels.php b/classes/pref/labels.php
index b4c4d425e..ad2109b7e 100644
--- a/classes/pref/labels.php
+++ b/classes/pref/labels.php
@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ class Pref_Labels extends Handler_Protected {
                        print "<div class=\"dlgSecCont\">";
-                       $fg_color = $line['fg_color'];
-                       $bg_color = $line['bg_color'] ? $line['bg_color'] : '#fff7d5';
+                       $fg_color = $line['fg_color'] ? $line['fg_color'] : '#ffffff';
+                       $bg_color = $line['bg_color'] ? $line['bg_color'] : '#000000';
                        print "<input style='font-size : 16px; color : $fg_color; background : $bg_color; transition : background 0.1s linear'
                                id='labelEdit_caption' name='caption' dojoType='dijit.form.ValidationTextBox'

but I’m far from a programmer and don’t know if I did that diff correctly or if there’s a better place to put it, since I couldn’t find the default color scheme documented anywhere.



ah yes completely unreadable indeed

no thanks, i think it’s just fine now