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Dark theme updates


I don’t use the dark theme, but isn’t @pcause1 typing about the same/similar issue I complained about over in this thread(?) ==> Impending doom, part whatever



well it’s possible that i’m missing something here, is it about headlines or feed tree or something else? idk

also how is this theme-related :thinking:


My issue is about headilines. I’d think that once I mark the feed read, using the checkbox, it would no longer show the headlines. As I say this used to work until the theme changes. Mine is not about the feed tree.


what are you talking about
make a screenshot maybe

e: ok i think i get it. its the (mark feed as read) in grouped feed title right?


this one?


yes, you’ve got the check marks i am talking about.


alright, yep, that got changed because it was the only place where headlines would disappear when you mark as read and i figured this inconsistency had to go

e: also it lead to weird looking buffer when there’s only one feed and you mark it as read and then everything disappears but the feed title, that just sucked imo