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Impending doom, part whatever


i’m reworking headlines to be rendered via JS template strings instead of the awful blob of php code we have now. it’s a lot cleaner and mostly works right now (one notable exception at the moment is grouped feed titles) but i would appreciate other people looking at it and seeing if there’s anything missing.

branch: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/src/json-viewfeed


Articles seem to be showing marked checkmarks (maybe just misleading styling?), stars, and “rss feed”. CDM collapsed.



Also, when “All Articles” is selected the read articles aren’t greyed out (i.e. they have class “Unread”). Clicking/expanding and then minimizing a read article gets the expected state.


yeah the checkbox tweak was a bad idea, i’ve reverted it

can you elaborate on false unread articles? i couldn’t reproduce it.

e: this seems mysql-specific for some reason those fields are returned as strings in mysql and booleans in postgres, i’ll look into this

why is mysql and everything related to it always so shit (a rhetorical question)


Arrrggghhhh! Disregard. Browser pop-up blocker was causing this issue. Sorry!

At commit a0d3323…

Click on feed, then over in the article headlines pane, click the keyboard shortcut ‘n’, article content opens in tt-rss, then use keyboard shortcut ‘o’ to open the article in a new window (tab)… New tab does not open, but… Opps! ‘Unhandled exception’ window pops up:

Unhandled exception
TypeError: null has no properties

[email protected]https://xxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxx/tt-rss/js/Article.js?1544291180:112:4
initHotkeyActions/[email protected]https://xxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxx/tt-rss/js/tt-rss.js?1544291180:278:8
[email protected]https://xxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxx/tt-rss/js/tt-rss.js?1544291180:176:8
init/[email protected]https://xxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxx/tt-rss/js/Feeds.js?1544291180:215:45



I’ve noticed that the “Show content preview in headlines list” preference seems to be working fine when enabled but if you disable it in the headline list “null” is shown next to the title. I would have expected it to just be blank. Not sure it’s relevant to this thread but I didn’t want to start a new one just for this tiny issue. Thanks for all the hard work the last week or so. I greatly appreciate all of the improvements.


this should be fixed in trunk. thanks for reporting.


At commit: 4e41db7
I have, in Preferences, ‘Hide feeds with no unread articles’ ticked. The issue…

Feed counts are somewhat whacked. Here’s what I’m seeing:
Click on feed with, say, a count of ‘2’. Click on one of the articles – or – right-click | open article in new window (tab). The feed count remains at ‘2’ even though I just ‘read’ one of two of the articles. Now I click on the remaining unread article in the same feed, now the feed count icon changes to ‘1’. Wrong! Now the feed should disappear (assuming no new articles have arrived), but it does not. I can click on the existing feed icon which refreshes and now displays all the read articles and yet the feed count remains at ‘1’ although there are no new articles in feed. Clicking on a different feed, the previous feed’s count remains at ‘1’. Only AFTER I click on another article in a different feed does the previous feed’s article count reset with the feed disappearing from view as it should.

I’ve tested this in various browsers with no change in result.

Dark theme updates

i keep telling people, stop thinking counters update in realtime, all the time
they don’t, there’s a 5 second cooldown

e: tbh maybe this cooldown has outlived its usefulness

e: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/d53cdaf815c86bf66a5577f575f76831679ed4f2 :rip:


I knew this would make you grumble. :wink:


Thanks for reconsidering. This is better. At least now when all articles in a feed are read, the feed ‘hides’ as configured instead of hanging…



a minor thing but if anyone is using it, embed_original plugin now lives in the attic repo here:

it seems like most sites these days set x-frame-options and other similar stuff to prevent themselves from being embedded, so it’s kinda useless to have it.


Regarding the feed counters not updating… I’ve noticed that now when I’ve finished reading all articles the title of the page as shown in a browser tab has a (1) in it, then about 30 seconds later that (1) is removed. I guess there is some background process going on that sets the title of the page depending on the unread count.

The problem is I read articles, change the tab to another tab, and then a little while later the tab lights up blue again to show that something needs attention, so you click back into the tab to find nothing has changed.

It didn’t used to do this and the title was updated as soon as the article was marked as read I think. Is that something which has been missed?


i’ve noticed this too, maybe there just wasn’t enough time for counters to update, sometimes
i’ll add a small delay as a workaround


At commit: df00ebb

Go to ‘Preferences|Filters’. Click on ‘Search’ (with or without a search string) and get an ‘Unhandled exception’ error.


Logged in as ‘admin’ in a browser, ‘Preference|System’ I see entries like this

E_USER_WARNING (512) client-js:prefs.php:3 Uncaught ReferenceError: updateFilterList is not defined
ReferenceError: updateFilterList is not defined
at Object.eval [as onClick] (eval at construct (https://xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxxxxx/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1543933458:8:61071), :3:1)
at Object._onClick (https://xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxxxxx/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1543933458:8:336036)
at HTMLInputElement. (https://xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxxxxx/lib/dojo/dojo.js?1543933458:8:94550)
at Object.__onClick (https://xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxxxxx/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1543933458:8:335911)
at HTMLSpanElement. (https://xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxxxxx/lib/dojo/dojo.js?1543933458:8:94550)



should be fixed now, thanks



Yes. Filter search works now, no errors here.
… … … … …