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Currently selected article is refreshed away


While reading quickly through a category I get to the final displayed article , I can see the counter showing there are more articles , a progress icon is displayed as the next batch of 30? articles are fetched , then the pane refreshes and the currently selected article is refreshed away.

If the currently selected article is not the final article then everything goes as expected , it is not refreshed away and the next batch of articles are queued up underneath as expected.



do you have some stupid option enabled like on catchup show next unread or something

e: oh hmm i think i know what this is about


a fix for article disappearing should be in trunk


Thank you @fox



I was seeing this happen but hadn’t quite figured out how to describe it, since I usually read with the “Open next article (don’t scroll long articles)” keyboard action, and it would occasionally jump, and the article(s) I’d seen as ‘next’ would just disappear, even when scrolling back to the ‘top’ which was now just a few articles back.


Glad that @SleeperService could understand my explanation and that @fox seems to have fixed it.
Thanks guys.


I’m not sure it’s fixed, exactly… at least not when using keyboard navigation.

I’m seeing now, where before it would (I’m guessing) load new articles over the old ones, but leave the ‘scroll’ point, for want of a better phrase, down wherever it was, but with new articles up above, now it loads new articles and jumps back to the top of the original scroll.


hmm, looks like a few more things were depending on offset only