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Changing the truncation size for the summary


I need to provide an aggregated feed with the summary limited to 350 chars. By default TT-RSS limits the summary to 100 chars.
I found that the classes/handler/public.php contains the following code for both json and atom

$line[“content_preview”] = truncate_string(strip_tags($line[“content_preview”]), 100, ‘…’);

Is it safe to just change the truncate value from 100 to 350? Or are there other dependencies elsewhere?


it should be safe, as long as you understand that technically you’ll be using a fork from now on


Isn’t that part of the code run a plugin hook?

Yeah… HOOK_QUERY_HEADLINES and HOOK_ARTICLE_EXPORT_FEED. Writing a simple plugin would mean you wouldn’t have to make sure your fork of the code works forever.


Cool, thanks a lot :smile: